Our vision

Our campaign aims to monitor and improve the quality of life for those rebuilding their lives after exploitation. We envisage a system of identification and support which is based in the realities of vulnerable people, and can deliver justice, transparency and fairness.

Justice means more than locking up abusers behind bars. Justice is achieved when exploited people can access the legal, medical, and mental health support they deserve. This support must be coupled with efforts to curb the deportation, detention, and retrafficking of those rebuilding their lives after exploitation.

Even after escaping exploitation, vulnerable people are still in danger. Some are found by their abusers once again, whilst others are treated as undocumented immigrants and deported or detained. We must push to understand how many re-trafficked, deported, or detained victims of exploitation exist.

Human trafficking and slavery ‘victims’ must undergo a process to prove they are ‘genuine’. In the UK and elsewhere, these decisions are made by Governments with immigration targets rather than charities or researchers who understand the needs of vulnerable people. We must open a conversation about the strict definitions and tough evidence requirements which cause exploited people to slip through the net.

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