The UK Government records, but won’t publish, outcomes facing trafficking victims. This includes cases of wrongful detention, deportation, or failures by UK authorities to provide survivors with support.

At After Exploitation, we call on Government to regularly report long-term survivor outcomes. Until we secure transparency from Government, we are investigating these outcomes ourselves using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, case files, local media reports and other means.

We are calling for Government to release evidence on the detention, deportation, and removal of victims. We also call on Government to publish support outcomes (such as safe house referrals).

Efforts should be made to ensure MPs, and FOI querents, are granted data where it is held.

Our research shows that survivors face a ‘support lottery’, once identified.

Government must back provisions for a 12 months’ minimum support and immigration leave, as in the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill.

Most survivors of slavery are non-UK nationals, and humane immigration policies should reflect this.

We ask Government to address the detention of vulnerable people, and renege on plans to prejudice asylum claims on the basis of entry.


potential victims, detained in prison-like settings, since January 2019.


‘suspected victims’ who were recognised but not referred for support last year


times, MPs have been denied slavery data we were later able to prove was held


dedicated immigration pathways are available to recognised survivors

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