Working alongside non-profits, law firms and survivor forums, we gather concrete data on survivors’ barriers to support, justice, and reparations. We strive for a future in which Governments put survivor outcomes, not just prosecutions, at the heart of public data and policy.

Under the Illegal Migration Bill, protection would be removed for survivors of modern slavery who are forced, coerced or decieved into crossing borders.

Not only does the bill criminalise people seeking asylum in-country, it also takes away the rights of modern slavery survivors to access safe housing, counselling, or support for crossing borders.

In practice, thousands of trafficking and modern slavery victims will no longer be protected under law in the UK.

[+] Take action
Use our letter, signed by more than 60 charities, MPs, and trade unions, as inspiration when writing to your own MP. You can find your MP’s contact details here.

[+] Learn more
Read our joint letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for more details on the human impact of the Illegal Migration Bill. As a member of the Taskforce for Victims of Trafficking in Immigration Detention, we also encourage you to read the joint briefing here.

[+] Survivors of trafficking ‘locked up’ in detention centres
Joint investigation with Women for Refugee Women, highlighting failure to safeguard vulnerable people from being held in high-security immigration removal centres.

[+] Suspected survivors ‘routinely’ not referred for support
After Exploitation’s data investigation into the ‘support lottery’ facing survivors coming into contact with police, border enforcement, and other first responders.

[+] Most ‘rejected’ trafficking cases are overturned when appealed
An investigation using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to the Home Office show that almost 8 in 10 (78%) trafficking cases reconsidered by the department were later found to be genuine. In hundreds of cases, survivors with grounds in a trafficking case faced delays in accessing support due to decision making errors.

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