Data and research

DATA: Voluntary returns

New data released by After Exploitation on 22 August, shows that more than half (53%) of potential trafficking victims of trafficking “voluntarily” leaving the UK did so after being detained.

ECPAT, BID (Bail for Immigration Detainees) and Women for Refugee Women comment, in our short briefing, on the potential risks to trafficking victims reflected in these figures and their caseworkers’ experiences. The itentional or inadvertent role of detention in deterring potential trafficking victims from continuing claims for support is of serious concern.

The press release and data is available below:

The data is released as 30 other organisations join After Exploitation’s petition, asking the Government to release regular data on trafficking outcomes such as support and immigration protection. You can sign the petition here and share using the hashtag #supportedordeported

Report: Supported or Deported?

Supported or Deported?, uses Home Office data obtained via FOIs to understand the frequency with which trafficking and potential trafficking victims are detained or removed (voluntary and enforcedly) from the UK.

You can download the report here:

Director of After Exploitation, Maya Esslemont, said:

“The unjustifiable use of detention on potential victims of trafficking shows disturbing failings by the Government to protect vulnerable people from prison or prison-like settings under Immigration Powers.

“We strongly urge the Government to acknowledge and address the frequency with which vulnerable people are detained. We also ask for urgent reconsideration of the Home Office’s involvement in the National Referral Mechanism process, as clear conflicts of interest have preceded this failure to protect victims of modern slavery from detention.”