Scrap Part 5:
Campaign against modern slavery
changes in the Nationality and Borders Bill

Under the Nationality and Borders Bill, sweeping changes to modern slavery support would see survivors put under more scrutiny for support which is no longer guaranteed.

Working with more than 40 supporting organisations, we launched the #ScrapPart5 campaign action in November 2021, encouraging MPs to share the concerns of survivors in the Lords, as the Bill is debated.

Key links:

Joint briefing: About Part 5
#ScrapPart5 MP action
Join letter from charity and legal sector
Local newspaper letter template
#ScrapPart5 for businesses
Social media toolkit
Community campaign guide

Supported or Deported?:
Campaign for data transparency

We call on the Government to release the data it holds on the immigration and support outcomes of modern slavery victims in the UK. We believe that a lack of transparency has allowed the detention and deportation of trafficking victims to persist.

After Exploitation called on MPs and Peers to reintroduce the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill clause on data transparency, which would require the Secretary of State to release outcomes on survivor outcomes such as voluntary returns, detention and deportation. The data transparency clause was removed due to Government pressure in December, when the Bill was re-tabled by Lord McColl. We remain a signatory of the Free For Good campaign.