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Our investigations + data in the news


February 28th

o How Lush is taking a stand against modern slavery (After Exploitation x Lush campaign)
– Bustle

February 26th

o [Exclusive] Thousands identified as suspected modern slavery victims fail to be referred for government support
– Independent Online
o ‘Trauma deadlines’ for trafficking victims would have stopped me seeking help
– Independent Online
o Lush to campaign against scrapping modern slavery support
– Watford Observer + regional titles

February 9th

o UK Nationality and Borders Bill will slash support for modern slavery victims
– OpenDemocracy

February 3rd

o I endured modern slavery, but my story could have been much worse under the Nationality and Borders Bill
– Stylist Magazine

January 27th

o ‘Trauma deadline’ in Borders Bill would see survivors miss out on support
– Big Issue
o Huge rise in number of trafficking victims in UK immigration detention
– The Guardian

January 17th

o Criminal gangs are making billions selling illegal tobacco from derelict shops
– VICE News

January 14th

o Trafficking victims will face ‘trauma deadlines’ as a result of Nationality and Borders Bill
– Byline Times


October 19th
o Thousands of potential trafficking victims held in immigration detention, data shows
– The Guardian

September 9th
o Asylum overhaul could leave trafficking victims without protection, UK slavery tsar warns
– The Independent

July 9th

o Home Office is making conditions for human trafficking victims harder
– Left Foot Forward

July 2nd
o Four out of five rejected trafficking claims were overturned in the UK last year
– The Guardian
o New figures show the UK Government is failing modern slavery victims, say campaigners
– Business Insider
o Data shows Home Office is failing to protect victims of trafficking, says Labour
– Sky News
o Hundreds of modern slavery victims wrongly turned away
– The Independent
o ‘New Immigration Plan’ will crack down on genuine modern slavery victims
– Byline Times

May 13th
o ‘Grave danger’ trafficking victims will be ignored under Immigration Plan
– Independent
o Home Office ‘will make it harder for victims to be recognised’
– Byline Times

April 28th
o ‘Hugely retrograde step’: Cross-party MPs attack Home Office plans to lock up more trafficking survivors
– The Independent

March 31st

o Six years on from the Modern Slavery Act, activists ask what has changed for victims of trafficking
– Freedom Collaborative

March 24th
o Labour Leader backs Early Day Motion on detention of victims
– The Guardian
o Home Office admits new immigration plans may see more trafficking victims locked up
– The Independent and Sky News
o Home Office pushing through changes to detention without any public debate or scrutiny
– Byline Times

February 19th
o What happens to victims of modern slavery?
– Yorkshire Post (and 7+ titles)

February 8th
o FOI Act: Michael Gove office’s cover-up claims shows transparency is more important than ever
– i Paper

February 4th
o Thousands of potential trafficking victims detained, figures show
– Independent, Gal-Dem, and Sky News

February 1st
o Important victory against Hostile Environment secrecy
– By-Line Times

January 21st
o UK Government Ordered To Say What It’s Doing With Human Trafficking Victims
– Forbes

January 11th
o Home Office Minister rejects plans for extra trafficking support
– The Guardian and Independent


October 18th (Anti Slavery Day)
o Modern slavery: support workers warned not to speak out about fear for victims
– The Independent
o UK’s immigration policies are threatening survivors of modern slavery
– Thomson Reuters (and The Independent)
o Is The Government Doing Enough To Keep Victims Out Of Detention?
– Forbes

October 2nd
o Statistics on modern-day slavery in UK suppressed by Government, study reports
– Church Times

September 29th
o UK’s data denial threatens trafficking victims’ access to justice and support – Thomson Reuters

June 24th
o Thousands of suspected trafficking victims ‘slipping through net’ when identified by authorities, figures show – The Independent
o Thousands of potential trafficking victims ‘not given vital support’ – The Guardian

June 10th
o Asylum support: An increase of 26p is no increase at all – Freedom From Torture

May 18th
o Home Office to review detention policy after admitting trafficked woman was locked up – The Independent
o Is an end to detaining trafficking victims in sight? – The Independent

April 15th
o Opinion: How the UK could be failing migrant victims of trafficking – and what we can do about it – Each Other

March 14th
o It took me two years to realise I was trafficked – Metro Opinion

February 20th
o From shackles to handcuffs – Mirror Group titles (various)

February 17th
o The detention of trafficking victims is soaring – Each Other

February 6th
o Go Figure!: Modern Slavery – Private Eye


October 18th
o Exclusive: Child trafficking referrals sore 800% in five years – Sky News

August 6th
o Exclusive: UK found sending home dozens of slavery victims despite re-trafficking fears – Thomson Reuters

July 26th
o After Exploitation: using FOI to understand what happens to victims of modern slavery – MySociety

July 17th
o After Exploitation’s open letter: Government must do more to protect victims of human trafficking – Independent Online
o Home Office forced to defend cover-up of detention of modern slavery victims – Independent Online

July 16th
o Home Office accused of covering up plight of hundreds of potential trafficking victims wrongly detained – Independent Online

July 9th
o More than 500 potential victims of trafficking detained in 2018, study finds – The Guardian
o Over 500 suspected slaves locked up by Britain last year – Thomson Reuters Foundation
o Warning over trafficking – The Scotsman
o Trafficked: The Chinese women trapped in British detention centres
o Hundreds of [potential] trafficking victims held in immigration detention centres – Sky News
o More Than 500 Suspected Human Trafficking Victims Were Locked Up in the UK Last Year – Global Citizen
o “Hell”: UK’s shocking treatment of trafficking victims exposed – South China Morning Post