After Exploitation is happy to talk to journalists on issues relating to immigration status, deportation or detention after exploitation. Please email Maya for media inquiries.

After Exploitation in the news

February 20th
o From shackles to handcuffs – Mirror Group titles (various)

February 17th
o The detention of trafficking victims is soaring – Each Other

February 6th
o Go Figure!: Modern Slavery – Private Eye

October 18th
o Exclusive: Child trafficking referrals sore 800% in five years – Sky News

August 6th
o Exclusive: UK found sending home dozens of slavery victims despite re-trafficking fears – Thomson Reuters

July 26th
o After Exploitation: using FOI to understand what happens to victims of modern slavery – MySociety

July 17th
o After Exploitation’s open letter: Government must do more to protect victims of human trafficking – Independent Online
o Home Office forced to defend cover-up of detention of modern slavery victims – Independent Online

July 16th
o Home Office accused of covering up plight of hundreds of potential trafficking victims wrongly detained – Independent Online

July 9th
o More than 500 potential victims of trafficking detained in 2018, study finds – The Guardian
o Over 500 suspected slaves locked up by Britain last year – Thomson Reuters Foundation
o Warning over trafficking – The Scotsman
o Trafficked: The Chinese women trapped in British detention centres
o Hundreds of [potential] trafficking victims held in immigration detention centres – Sky News
o More Than 500 Suspected Human Trafficking Victims Were Locked Up in the UK Last Year – Global Citizen
o “Hell”: UK’s shocking treatment of trafficking victims exposed – South China Morning Post