About After Exploitation

After Exploitation is a data mapping project using Freedom of Information Act requests to understand what happens to victims modern slavery, including human trafficking, when exploitation ends.

Victims of modern slavery face heightened risk of further exploitation, homelessness, deportation and detention. Yet, little is known about the exact scale of these experiences, or whether our government is sufficiently protecting survivors.

Our most recent report, Supported or Deported?, finds that a significant number of potential victims of trafficking are held in immigration detention.

Our launch report was released on July 9th. In the near future, our planned reports and briefings will explore:

  • Immigration insecurity of modern slavery and trafficking victims
  • Support outcomes, including housing, medical access and counselling
  • The detention of exploitation survivors escaping, or in, forced marriages

You can read the findings here

Our goal is to understand the realities facing victims After Exploitation, to facilitate fairer policymaking.