About After Exploitation

After Exploitation is a non-profit organisation using varied data sources, including Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, to track the hidden outcomes of modern slavery in the UK.

A growing body of evidence shows that many survivors face further challenges even after leaving settings of exploitation, including deportation, detention, and disbelief within the trafficking determination process. Many struggle to access safe housing, counselling, or financial support even after evidencing their exploitation to their authorities.

However, the scale of these barriers to support is poorly publicised due to insufficient data in the public domain. Through our investigations, we know that a majority of this information – including on cases of wrongful detention – is collected but never published by the Home Office.

Areas of focus

Opposing support cuts
Under the Nationality and Borders Bill, sweeping changes to modern slavery support would see survivors put under more scrutiny for support which is no longer guaranteed.

Working with more than 40 supporting organisations, we launched the #ScrapPart5 campaign action in November 2021, encouraging MPs to share the concerns of survivors in the Lords, as the Bill is debated.

Campaigning for transparency
We call on the Government to release the data it holds on the immigration and support outcomes of modern slavery victims in the UK. We believe that a lack of transparency has allowed the detention and deportation of trafficking victims to persist.

After Exploitation called on MPs and Peers to reintroduce the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill clause on data transparency, which would require the Secretary of State to release outcomes on survivor outcomes such as voluntary returns, detention and deportation. The data transparency clause was removed due to Government pressure in December, when the Bill was re-tabled by Lord McColl. We remain a signatory of the Free For Good campaign.

Highlighting hidden data
Until the Government releases the modern slavery data most needed by journalists, politicians and researchers, it is up to us to build a comprehensive picture of the barriers to support facing survivors. So far, our investigations have evidenced the use of immigration detention on thousands of potential survivors, authorities’ routine failure to refer victims, and nationality bias in trafficking decision-making.

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Email: Info@afterexploitation.org
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About funding

We do not currently accept donations from the general public, and instead encourage people to donate their time as a volunteer (email us for details) or support organisations providing front-line support by, or to, survivors. These could include:

Voice of Domestic Workers

Survivor Alliance

Anti Slavery International

The #ScrapPart5 campaign was awarded a short-term grant by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, although is not currently funded by JRRT or any other third parties at the time of writing (20/02/2022).

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust has supported this work in recognition of the importance of the issue. The facts presented and the views expressed in this report are, however, those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Trust. http://www.jrrt.org.uk

Details of funding sources will be updated on this page.