Call for participation: Experts by experience workshop [paid opportunity] 

About the project

Working with After Exploitation, photojournalist Amy Romer and University of Bath academic Emma Barnes-Lewis, we are running a workshop to chronicle the shortcomings in support offered to survivors of exploitation in the UK. As part of this work, we are looking for six experts-by-experience to contribute their thoughts on what could be done to improve survivors’ chances of recovery after experiencing exploitation in the UK. 

Protecting your identity is our utmost priority. Your contributions will be anonymised and stored safely before it is included as part of a media piece, funded by the Global Reporting Centre, on UK Government policy and survivor support. 

By contributing, you will have the opportunity to shape what the final media piece looks like.

Key dates

Deadline for applications: 13th October

Pre-workshop phone call: To be held on dates between 11th October and 17th October. Time slots between 10am and 2pm

Workshop: A date between 17th-21st October in London (travel expenses covered)

Follow up counselling session: You can opt in for a free one-hour private debrief with a specialist counsellor between 18th and 20th October

Expenses: £20 per hour, transferred via BACS* or as a high street voucher, (£125 in total). Travel to the workshop is reimbursed.


We are looking for people to apply who have:

  • Personal experience of exploitation and trying to access support. This could be formal support channels (such as the National Referral Mechanism or criminal justice system) or informal support (such as through mutual aid, community-based groups or places of worship) 
  • Some knowledge of support systems for survivors of slavery in the UK

Time commitment

Pre-workshop phone call: One-hour phone call to share details about the workshop and terms of participation (booked for a slot between 11th – 17th October)

In-person workshop: 4 hours’ participation, one-hour lunch, and an optional one-hour post-event art workshop. 6 hours total participation.

Before the workshop:

Participants will take part in a pre-workshop phone call with the organisers, who will explain what you can expect at the in-person workshop and confirm the terms of participation. Any questions before the sessions are encouraged.

How to apply

To apply, please email with answers to the below questions before 13th October:

  • Why do you want to take part in this workshop?
  • What skills and knowledge could you bring to the workshop? For example, this could be demonstrated by an interest in advocacy, or experience volunteering in the community 
  • Although participants will not be under any obligation to share their experiences of trafficking, some of the topics discussed may be difficult. We are planning a one-hour ‘wind down’ creative session after the main discussions: Please let us know whether you would like to attend (You can change your mind later on.)

*Please note: You will be asked on a follow-up phone call about your right to work in the UK. This information will be kept confidentially, and is only asked because the law prevents us from paying money to those without a right to work. If this is the case, we will reimburse you with a voucher of your choosing for the same monetary value, and no electronic record of your immigration status will be held by After Exploitation.

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