Experts by experience panel [January] – paid opportunity

Call for participants: Experts by experience workshop

After Exploitation is looking for six experts by experience to feed into planned campaign work against changes to modern slavery being made through the Nationality and Borders Bill. From January 2022, we will be working with politicians and journalists to secure support for removing Part 5 of the Bill which, if introduced, would see new support restrictions introduced for survivors of modern slavery.        

Deadline: 5th January
Phone calls: Time slots between 3rd and 7th January
Workshops: One workshop, either on 7th or 15th January (timing to be confirmed after clarifying participants’ availability around possible childcare, work and caring commitments)

£15 per hour (£75 in total) via BACS or high street voucher

1 x 5-hour workshop, with optional time for reading

Remote: Via Zoom

Two days before each workshop, a bundle will be sent to participants outlining content for the sessions, including planned talking points, news and developments in the campaign, and additional readings (which participants are not obligated to read, but are welcome to). Any questions before the sessions are encouraged and very welcome.

About the campaign

As part of this campaign, we are asking politicians to take a stand against Part 5 of the Nationality and Borders Bill, due to the impact it would have on slavery survivors. Under the Borders Bill, in its current form, many survivors would see their support cut due to the creation of cold-hearted ‘trauma deadlines’, which will remove support for survivors who do not share details of their abuse ‘quickly enough’ (clauses 57 and 58).

The Bill also includes concerning clauses which would see survivors subjected to greater risk of rejection earlier in their recovery journey (clause 59) and blocked from accessing help if they have a conviction of 12 months or more (clause 62). The latter move has been tabled despite the Home Office’s own data showing that half of reported survivors have been forced to commit criminalised activity as a result of their exploitation. For this reason, the so-called ‘public order exemption’ for survivors with convictions is a draconian and cruel step backwards which will rob support from many exploited people.

We are looking to not only mobilise MPs and Lords in the fight against the changes, but also to educate the general public on the key challenges facing survivors.

Content of the workshops

The workshop will cover which areas of the Bill should be our key priorities, media plans and creative campaigns in the run-up to Parliamentary action against Part 5, possible MP actions in the final stages of the Bill and ways to mobilise communities to fight cuts to trafficking support in the long-term.

What we are looking for


  • Personal experience of exploitation and trying to access support. This could be formal support channels (such as the National Referral Mechanism or criminal justice system) or informal support (such as through mutual aid, community-based groups or places of worship) 
  • Basic knowledge of modern slavery policy in the UK
  • Basic knowledge of support systems for survivors of slavery in the UK
  • Volunteering or campaigns experience


  • Experience planning campaigns or drafting campaign material
  • Experience of media work, campaigns, public affairs, or research

How to apply

Email answers to the following questions to by 5pm on 5th January 2020.

  • Why do you want to take part in this workshop?
  • What skills and knowledge (including unpaid work and time spent researching independently) could you bring to the workshops? Please use examples
  • Do you have any accessibility needs (such as accommodations for disability or translation?)

Please note: You will be asked on a follow-up phone call about your right to work in the UK. This information will be kept confidentially, and is only asked because the law prevents us from paying money to those without a right to work. If this is the case, we will reimburse you with a voucher of your choosing for the same monetary value, and no electronic record of your immigration status will be held by After Exploitation.

Further opportunities

Following the workshops, there will be opportunities for campaigners to share their perspective and experiences of navigating systems of support (such as charities, the National Referral Mechanism, or criminal justice / police) with politicians directly if you would like to. You will also be invited to share your experiences and perspectives anonymously for campaign purposes if this is of interest. However, there is absolutely no obligation for participants to do so, and willingness to share experiences will not be weighted in the decision making process. Participants who want to take part in the above on a voluntary basis will be sent a free-form questionnaire with the option to pick and choose which questions are answered, with space granted to outline ‘red-line’ topics participants do not want to discuss.

If you have any questions about the workshop and application, or the campaign itself, contact Maya (

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