Volunteer (research and investigations)

Role description:

Currently, the Government is planning to restrict support for survivors of trafficking. In the most extreme cases, survivors could be deported for entering the country without leave to remain, despite being forced, coerced, or deceived by traffickers into crossing borders without documentation.

As part of an investigative project exploring criminal justice outcomes, we are recruiting 5 x Research Volunteers with an interest in how Freedom of Information (FOI) works and how to use them to investigate barriers to justice. You could play crucial role in helping us challenge the Bill and contribute to public understanding of modern slavery. Volunteers will be asked to undertake some desk-based research, support in maintaining records, and may be asked to conduct a mini literature review on an area of policy assigned to them. Your work will help shape our campaigns and media output.

The project includes some administrative work, which is shared among the volunteers at the organisation (approximately 1 hour per week).

Skills Required:

– Passionate about human rights and improving support access for survivors of modern slavery (Essential)
– Demonstrated understanding of Parliament and public affairs (either through academia, volunteering or work) (Essential)
– Demonstrated experience of conducting desk-based research, preferably in the field of human rights, immigration, law, or an associated discipline (voluntary or professional) (Essential)
– Ability to communicate complex information accessibly but accurately (Essential)
– Experience writing research briefings for journalists, Parliamentarians, or a general audience (Desired)

Value Exchange:

– Experience contributing substantively to published reports
– Opportunity to gain insights into new area of policy
– Opportunity to incorporate CV-building opportunities relevant to the volunteer

Length of Project: 1 month

Hours per Week: 1-3

To apply: send an email to info@afterexploitation.org with the subject heading “Volunteer vacancy”, including your CV and a note on why you’re applying, by 30th March 2023